Xome Value® Disclosure

Xome Value is our estimate of a home's value using a proprietary formula that takes into account, among other factors, property-specific elements as well as local market conditions and trends. A property's Xome Value is updated daily using the latest and most recent transactional data available. For certain properties, there may be unreliable, insufficient or no recent transactional or market data to provide a reliable Xome Value. (See Xome Value Disclosure for additional details.)

Xome Value Disclosure: The Xome Value displayed in connection with a property is computer-generated by the application of various proprietary mathematical formulas and techniques using currently available local market, licensed and proprietary data. The displayed Xome Value is not prepared or provided by a licensed appraiser, does not constitute an appraisal of the subject property, and should not be relied upon as such. Data used to generate the Xome Value does not include information that could be derived from a visible inspection of the subject property and its surroundings. The condition of a property can materially affect the accuracy of a property's Xome Value. The data, and information derived from such data, in a Xome Value is provided on an "AS AVAILABLE" and "AS IS" basis and is provided for informational purposes only. Although we have attempted to provide reliable data and use reliable methodologies in providing a property's Xome Value, Xome Inc., its affiliates and their respective members, directors, officers and employees make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of a property's Xome Value on any specific date and expressly disclaim the obligation to update such value. All uses of the Xome Value are at the user's sole risk, and shall be for personal, non-commercial use and for no other purpose. Xome Inc., its affiliates and their respective members, directors, officers and employees are not liable for the accuracy of a property's Xome Value or any information related thereto. Your use of Xome Value must in all cases comply with all applicable laws and regulations.